Be(ijing)S(eoul)T(okyo)-NL is a program for innovation in cultural co-creation and will be a catalyst for long-term cross-sectorial cooperation between creators in the East-Asian region and the Netherlands.
BeST-NL is initiated by the Dutch embassies in Beijing, Seoul and Tokyo in collaboration with Company New Heroes, Europees Keramisch Werkcentrum, Princessehof National Museum of Ceramics, and Studio The Future.
The core of the BeST-NL program consists of three case studies: Hello Asia, Lokaal Internationaal, The Cool Ceramic Hunt/Made in Holland. They represent a clear and intrinsic demand from the Dutch cultural sector to develop, improve or broaden exchanges with the East-Asian region. Each focuses on different aspects of, and approaches to, cultural co-creation between East-Asia and the Netherlands.
BeST-NL’s program shows in what ways young people are changing their methods of connecting and collaborating on an international scale—across and between sectors. The program will also introduce the Dutch creative sector to the East-Asian creative community, and contribute to new reciprocal cultural exchanges. The program also results in a new, sustainable network of creators that collaborate in various ways, and as such enhance a strong Dutch cultural presence in Asia.
Best-NL is a platform for co-creation that aims to serve as a hub for new exchanges and co-creation.
Concrete output of the program will be expert meetings, theater performances, documentaries, visitor programs to the participating countries and the Netherlands by cultural influencers, exhibitions, publications, and an international conference and final symposium.
BeST-NL is funded with the International Cultural Policy funds of the three embassies supplemented with a contribution from the ‘Programmamiddelen Plus’ governed by DutchCulture. This contribution was administered by a committee of representatives of the Dutch funds and organizations involved in the implementation of the International Cultural Policy: the Agency of Cultural Heritage, the Creative Industries Fund, the Mondriaan Fund, the New Institute, the Performing Arts Fund.

Please find the full proposal BeST-NL here.


    Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

  • BEIJING: Tjarda Arendz
  • SEOUL: Hajin Lee
  • TOKYO: Bas Valckx

BeST-NL thanks the representatives of the Agency of Cultural Heritage, the Creative Industries Fund, the Mondriaan Fund, the New Institute, and the Performing Arts Fund for their support of BeST-NL.